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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Love of Sledging

Apparently young Shaun Watson was a bit down in the dumps last week after discovering that this ex-fiancée is now dating her co-star on some Aussie TV Dancer Fever type programme. However by all accounts her co-star is no Graham Norton, being 6ft 6 and equipped with all the necessary attributes to be a success with the shelias. So being such a solid unit and a group that puts such a strong emphasis on team spirit, the Aussie team all went out to celebrate Shaun's 24th Birthday. They obviously were hopeful that this would have the combined effect of cheering Watson up and raising morale after the awful start to the tour they had encountered. The only problem with this great plan was Shaun's birthday was the day before a One day International. However, seeing as this was against the hapless Bangladesh, they didn't see this as much of a issue, just as long as everyone due to play the next day got back at a sensible time. As Watson's wasn't listed to play he was allowed to get a bit more "weary" then the rest of this team mates.

As we all know by now, Andrew Symonds took the celebrations a bit too far, (until 6-30am by some accounts) turned up to the game "off his rocker" and was subsequently suspended for 2 matches. He was replaced by Simon Katich in the fateful side that was humiliated by the worst ranked team in Cricket. The next day a refreshed Watson took Symo's place in the side against England, only to be smashed around the ground by Pietersen. Watson started giving him some lip (admittedly after Pietersen had put him 10 rows back!) to which Pieterson apparently retaliated with ..."You're just upset 'cos no-one loves you anymore!" Watson proceeded to lose the plot similar to how McGrath did when Sarwan told him that his wife liked the taste of his "gizzy" on the 2003 Windies Tour. If you look closely at the highlights you see Ponting and Martyn having a chuckle with Pietersen acknowledging the good sledge as Watson sauntered off to fine leg. Lovely stuff (sic) and all in all another possible reason why Pietersen should be given the nod for the tests.

Perhaps the ghostly figures the Aussies encountered in Durham, as report in the Independent, were their teammates returning from the pub after another team building session? Young Shaun Watson was so fightened he went for a sleep over in Brett Lee's room! Cowards! Perhaps Neil Mallender is worth a late call up!

hah, thats a real funny one. All I could make out was the ususal F*** off from Watson. Interesting innovation in sledging is an art, I tell you.
yeah thats the stuff....kp wat a ledgend. he doesnt need his mouth to talk on the field....his batting does the talking!
n thats the typical arrogant australians.....take things litely n get beeting by bangladesh....get smashed for a fwe runs n chuck a huge sad....they r such bad losers!!!!
just cant wait till the next ashes...come on england!
omg poor shane thats horrible, kp is a f***head, leave shane alone... hes hot as
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